Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wow… I know I suck at blogging!

Okay, okay, I know I officially suck at blogging. Until recently I still had a Christmas background up. I feel like my life has just been so busy! So I will give a brief 3 & ½ month update!
Christmas was great! Really busy working and shopping. I made Brady’s parents a scrapbook for Christmas. I will try to post some of the pages. I love scrapbooking, but I just wish I had more time! Oh and Brady took our computer to work and now my scrapbooking program is gone! Nooo!! I will have to figure something else out here soon, I miss scrapbooking!

Brady had a birthday on January 12th! He turned 23! Old man! He he he! We celebrated his birthday with family and a “Nothing Bundt Cake!”. Brady and I are obsessed with them lately, not a good obsession! But it is so good!

Lost has started and I am loving it! I know a lot of people are disappointed with the “time travel” concept, but I think it is great! It makes a lot of sense to me! I am still loving it and I am pulling for Sawyer and Kate I think. Before I was a Jack and Kate kind of girl, but you can just tell how much Sawyer loves her! And Jack and Kate had a chance off the island and obviously that did not work out! I am looking forward to tonight episode, are Sun, Jin, Desmond, Jack, Sayid, and Ben going back to the island tonight!?!?! So exciting!

As for us, Brady and I are doing well and staying busy! Brady and I had a wonderful Valentines Day! We ate dinner at Cheesecake Factory, it was so delish words cannot even do justice. If you have not been there, I highly suggest it – get the avocado egg rolls as an appetizer! I could have had the avocado egg rolls for my meal , they were so good! Then we went to a great movie! It was called Taken, with the girl who played Shannon on Lost. Anyhow, it was so good! B and I loved it! I haven’t seen a good movie in a long time – Taken is good!

I cant think of much else going on, except I have found some fabulous blogs that I love. is an awesome website for fun activities, new food recipes, gifts, and pretty much all of the things I would do if I had more free time! is a cool blog that has fun recipes. I am way into these blogs and looking and planning to do all of these things that I don’t actually have time for.

Sorry I have sucked so bad lately on the blogging stuff, I promise I will try harder!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Lost Countdown!
I am loving this, my mom and dad are now hooked on Lost, they working their way through the seasons until January 21st!
I love this show and now I have Brady watching all of the seasons so he can watch it with me too! So now I get to re-watch and review all the craziness of Lost before the 5th season starts!
He always is making fun of me because there is always a show I have to watch.

Mondays - Samantha Who? and The Hills (Sort of.. I am kind of over it!)
Tuesdays- 90210
Wednesdays - America's Next Top Model & Life & Pushing Daisies
Sundays - Desperate Housewives

That is not too bad, I mean its just the first half of the week! Brady and I always fight on Sunday nights about who gets the big T.V., Desperate? or Football? I usually win! Just kidding... I'm fair!Oh and I love The Girls Next Door, I know, I know... they are scandalous and live crazy lives. But its my guilty pleasure and Brady doesn't mind that I like to watch it... ha ha.. just kidding!
Anyway, I just got thinking about Lost and all of my other favorite shows because I got an email today telling the first five titles of the episodes of Lost, I could just sit here forever and try to figure out what it is going to be. Here they are:

Episode 5.01 – Because You Left
Episode 5.02 – The Lie
Episode 5.03 – Jughead
Episode 5.04 – The Little Prince
Episode 5.05 – This Place is Death
Episode 5.06 – The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Ohhhh! I am so excited!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Brady and I had a sleepover with our niece, Braxtyn. She is so fun! She subsides my baby hunger for a minute when stays at our apartment with us.
This is her and I playing dress up, she wanted us to both wear hair sashes.

From Pics

She is dressed up with one of my purses, phone, and my shoes!

From Pics

This is Brady and Braxy brushing their teeth! Her little tooth brush is so cute and small! She loves brushing her teeth!

From Pics

Sleepin in! Me Brax and Tank all snuggled up enjoying our sleep! We really sleep like this, except add Brady in there somewhere... I don't know where or how we all fit!

From Pics

And this is Brax at church! She comes to nursery with me and loves it. She loves to sing and play with all of the other kids!

From Pics

It was so fun to have her sleepover, we just love her to pieces! One day, we'll get one of our one! One day.......far far away!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Twerd! Twilight-Nerd

I will admit it; I am an obsessed Twilight geek! I can’t get enough of them! If you haven’t read them, you should, and if you are a hater, then you haven't read them.
I just had to have a post about the books, so amazing! I absolutely love them! I cannot decide which one is my favorite, if I had to chose I would say that the draft of Midnight Sun is my favorite from Stephenie Meyer, it is the unpublished draft of the book Twilight, but written from Edwards perspective. I think Twilight is a great book but the whole time I was reading it I wanted to know what Edward was doing/thinking! Now you do, and it is so interesting and makes the book Twilight even better, in my opinion. But someone leaked this draft onto the internet and Stephenie is too hurt to continue writing the story, which makes me so sad! But I can definitely understand why she feels that way, I wouldn’t want to finish writing it either. I am just happy to have what she did write of Midnight Sun, even though the draft ends right before one of the best parts (the Meadow scene)

Anyway, the movie is coming out and I am really excited about it. At first I was kinda pissed about Robert Pattinson playing Edward, but the more they photoshop him, the hotter he gets. I am really excited for the movie to come out, although the movies are never as good as the books. You just have to go in and judge them as a movie and not compared it to the book, or else you just end up disappointed. So here is the countdown and I am so super excited! I am still trying to talk Brady into seeing the Midnight showing on the 20th, I will get my way. I already have tickets to go the night of the 21st with my fellow Twilight loving friends! I cant wait!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Meet the Bartholomew's

We are just a happy little family, Brady, Me, and Tank. We love to do fun things and hang out with our family and friends. I love to cook, craft, scrapbook, play games, read, guitar hero, singstar(enough said, Jana, Amber, Shawn), I like to do everything really, I am always up for new things. Brady pretty much likes anything to do with football, baseball, XBox 360, or the gym. We love our family and friends, they are so good to us and are such an amazing support for Brady and I...oh and Tank. We live in our apartment in Draper, UT, and we are loving life!

Brady and I were married December 13, 2007. The best day of my life! It was an amazing day, and every day since has been even better than the one before! Here is a slideshow of our big day, it is crazy it has already been 10 months, I feel like we just barely got married. Time goes fast when you are having a good time!

We love you all and hope we can be blogging buddies! For reals this time, I will use and stay updated on this blog, I swear!